What You Need to Add a Story

Stories added directly to the website should include a location where they ought to be embedded (exact addresses or coordinates are preferred, but approximations [i.e., Parker Avenue between 43rd and 44th Street] are permitted).

When possible, please upload an image of the location as it existed at around the time the story took place or an approximate likeness (i.e., if you do not have a photo of the exterior of your grandmother’s house circa 1971, but you do have a drawing of the house that you made as a child, that will do fine). Stories can be uploaded without images.

We understand that the same place can have many different meanings for different peoples and that many of you have stories about places like the Smallwood school or the First Baptist Church. It is possible to add multiple stories about a single place.

Types of Stories

There is no right or wrong way to tell a story. We suggest that you answer some of the following questions when recounting your story about a particular place so that it becomes more than just a factual description.

  1. What is my fondest/least fondest memory about this place?
  2. Why was this place important to me at the time? Why is it important that I remember it now?
  3. How has this place influenced my life (did I meet someone of significance there? Did I have a life altering experience or realization there?)?
  4. How did this place serve the community’s needs or challenge its identity?